TM Truro


The locations chosen for Phase 2 of Transforming Mission all have large populations, both within the towns themselves, but also in the surrounding parishes. There will be a sustained drive to share the learnings and experiences so that the surrounding areas will also benefit. These towns will all be home to substantial new housing developments in the next five years. Each of the towns has significant levels of deprivation and is home to significant populations of children, young families and, in all but one case, students.

We have been applying what we have learned in other comparable places, and to growing pioneering and prayerful leaders to minister in these and other contexts.

The strategy following the phase 2 funding is to create ‘resourcing churches’ in each of these new urban hubs. Each of them will deliver a mix of new projects aimed at revitalising existing church communities, a large number of both religious and social outreach projects.

Truro is to work closely with All Saints Highertown (ASH) which already has the ambitious Lifehouse Project. This will provide support to continue developing the church’s considerable services for the vulnerable. These include the foodbank, Christians Against Poverty, bereavement counselling, mental health services, dementia support groups, addiction support groups and Acts435, which provides financial support to those in immediate need. The project will also see a brand new worshipping community established within the Langarth development, and new worshipping communities established in existing buildings such as Truro Cathedral and the new facilities in ASH. The plan is also to develop its work with schools and young people by resourcing existing and new ministries that will encourage young people and their families in faith, and develop young leaders for the church.


  • Revd Jeremy Putnam, Priest-in-Charge, All Saints Highertown
  • Lucas Bostdorff, Strategic Operations Manager All Saints Highertown
  • TBC, Pioneer Minister
  • Anna Robinson, Worship Leader
  • Robin Whitehall, Worship Leader
  • Joff Phipps, Social Justice Missioner
  • Sam Payne, Young People and Families Leader


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