Buildings for Mission

Minor Repairs and Improvements Grant

The Buildings for Mission Minor Repairs and Improvements Grants Fund is open to all churches in the Diocese of Truro who want to repair or improve their church building, to secure the fabric of the building, or to grow and support mission within the church.

The grants will be issued to support the vision in the deanery plans and will be managed by the Church Building Support Officer (CBSO) who will work closely with the applicant church, the DAC, the Change and Renewal team, and the Deanery Implementation Team (DIT).

The process is designed to be consultative and will involve various Church House teams. An independent panel has been formed and the panel will be able to approve, refer, or decline applications.

Churches can apply for any repair or improvement works that meet the eligibility criteria. Where much greater works are required, the CBSO will signpost and support applying for further funding.

There are two types of grants available:

  • small grants, up to £5000, and
  • large grants of £5,000-8,000.

This process does not in any way remove the requirement for the PCC to obtain faculty or approval under list B, as necessary, or any other necessary permission before the work goes ahead. The offer of a grant does not imply support for the proposal for the purposes of faculty.

If you would like more information please email 

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