Energy Footprint Tool

What is the Energy Footprint Tool (EFT)?

EFT is a national Church of England tool for churches to record churches’ energy use and calculate their carbon emissions. It forms part of online Annual Parish Returns.  This helps us reduce our contribution to climate change, a vital part of Caring for God’s Creation.

Each year, churches enter their energy figures from the year before. Once a church has entered all its data, they immediately receive a report and results on their computer or smartphone.  This includes:


  • The church’s carbon footprint in CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent)
  • A simple assessment of their buildings’ efficiency compared to their size, and compared to how busy the church is. These bands range from A++ (the best) down to G.

The EFT is now open for the collection of 2022 data.  The deadline for submissions is end of July 2023.

Why do we need EFT?

In 2020 the Church of England set itself the target of achieving net zero carbon (CO2e) by 2030 and need to track progress, by measuring churches’ use of energy.  EFT calculates emissions of CO2e from those measurements.

How do I complete my parish EFT?

The EFT is part of the online Annual Parish Returns and is usually completed by the PCC Treasurer.  To log onto Church of England Parish Returns Portal click HERE. You will need a username and password.  This is the same as what you may have used before for completing returns such as the Return of Parish Finance Returns.  If you do not have this to hand we can easily provide you with new log ins, please email for these.

There is a handy ‘explainer’ video on how to complete the Energy Footprint Tool 2022 online which is helpful, particularly if this is the first time you have completed it .  You can find this as the first resource on this web page.  There are also instructions in the EFT resources below produced by the Church of England.

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