PTO & Retired Clergy

In the Diocese of Truro, clergy with “permission to officiate” play a key role in the life, mission and ministry of our churches.  PTO is an authorisation of ministry granted by the bishop, and is required for any cleric offering to minister in our communities or churches (if they are not licensed to ministry in the diocese).  Clergy with permission to officiate are often, but not always, ‘retired’ clergy.

PTO is the bishop’s gift and may be withdrawn at any time. It is granted on condition that the required safeguarding training is completed and a valid DBS check is held.  All PTO clergy are required to work with a ‘Designated Responsible Person’ who is usually the incumbent of the parishes in which they most frequently serve.  PTO only authorises ministry within the diocese of the bishop who issues it, but a person can hold PTO in more than one diocese.

A ‘retiring’ cleric will normally be expected to wait at least six months after retirement before making an application for PTO. This ensures that they have sufficient time to adapt and to reflect on how their vocation to ordained ministry might begin to take a new shape.

If you would like to apply for PtO please contact the Bishop’s Office and request a PtO pack. Call 01872 862657 or email or you can write to Bishop’s Office, Lis Escop, Feock, Truro, TR3 6QQ

House of Bishops Policy on PTO July 2018

Revd Clive Morton is the diocesan Chaplain to Retired Clergy, and he can be contacted on: or 01736 603040




The Cornwall Retired Clergy, widows and dependents Fund (CRCF) is available to provide grants for those in financial need.  Grants are most often made for age-related medical items, hospital stays and bereavement.  Where relevant, receipts (copies) will be requested.  Enquiries about grant funding from CRCF should be made to the Chaplain to Retired Clergy.

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