Local Pastoral Ministry

All who would follow Christ are called to love our neighbours but God also calls some, through their gifts of inspired listening and understanding, to public ministries of care. The Diocese of Truro recognises that in parishes, benefices and clusters of parishes groups of people may be called to exercise just such a public ministry by visiting those in need, as well as offering other ministries of care and welcome.

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In order to train as a Local Pastoral Minister (LPM), a candidate needs to be recommended by their incumbent and PCC using the Recommendation for Training Form.  They will then be invited to attend the Key Skills initial pastoral training course.  Following completion of the course and a satisfactory DBS check they will then be commissioned to their parish.

The commissioning lasts for five years after which there is an opportunity for both the parish and LPM to review the situation and if appropriate apply to be recommissioned for a further five years.

All LPM’s are required to train to level C2 in Safeguarding (ie complete C0, C1 and C2 levels) and keep an up to date DBS check.  For more information on these and if you have any safeguarding questions or concerns please follow the Safeguarding Link.

The diocese also offers some additional training modules in specific aspects of pastoral care, for more information on these please see the leaflet below.


Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care in an integral part of our diocese life.