Online Giving

“Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.”

1 Chron 29:14



During the Covid 19 pandemic many churches have adopted online giving as it has provided a way for people to give when they are not able to attend church and cannot give in their usual ways. However, online giving is not just a quick fix, but it is the way things are done these days in many areas of life and it is important that the church is not left behind.

As technology advances, many people want and find it easy to give in this way and it is important that we provide this tool for them to use. Online giving should not be seen as a replacement for regular giving, for which we recommend the Parish Giving Scheme or standing orders, but is a great way to encourage one off donations or to facilitate giving to special events. The resources and advice below will help you to set up online giving for your parish.

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