Being A Diocesan Synod Member

Diocesan Synod is the main representative body of the clergy and lay people of the diocese. Members meet with the bishops, archdeacons and other senior officers to consider our life together and to discuss our direction as a diocese, to give thanks for God’s blessings, and to understand our opportunities and challenges.


“Synod” means “coming together and finding a way” – Diocesan Synod is a vital coming together as leaders from across the diocese to find our way under God. To do this well we need members from different communities and traditions who represent the whole life of the church in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, and our parishes in Devon. We work best when we hear voices from different backgrounds, experience and ages. Synod is an opportunity to speak up and be heard, to listen carefully, and to take part in leadership.

Diocesan Synod elections 2024

You matter in this work, you matter for your church and your community and for the diocese. Your faith, tradition and experience matter

We want to hear your voice on Diocesan Synod.

There is more information below, please take time to pray and consider whether you might be called to serve on Diocesan Synod, how to commend this work to others, and to offer the work of Synod to God.

What do members of Diocesan Synod do?

Members are elected for a three year term of office, Synod usually meets three times a year on Saturdays for a morning and part of the afternoon. Our current practice is for meetings to be held on a hybrid basis – in person and online by zoom.

The work of Synod includes some formal business on an annual cycle, such as approving the Diocesan Board of Finance budget, and approving the Annual Report. Synod also receives reports from Boards such as the Diocesan Board of Education, and discusses the various plans, opportunities and challenges of the life of the diocese. An important part of the work of Synod is to worship together, this is always at the heart of the meeting. Members hold officers and the leadership of the diocese to account, they can ask formal questions as well as suggesting items for the agenda.

Members come from across the diocese, ordained and lay, elected from each deanery.

Am I eligible to be elected to Diocesan Synod?

Laity Clergy
On electoral roll for a parish*

Over the age of 16

A communicant member**


Member of House of Clergy on a Deanery Synod (and cannot represent more than one deanery)

How do I stand?

 Diocesan Synod representatives are elected by the members of Deanery Synods. Members of Deanery Synods will receive Nomination Forms on 29 April 2024. You can ask for one of these from your Deanery Synod Secretary (ask your PCC Secretary or Churchwarden if you don’t know who this is) and it explains what you need to do.

Your form would need to be submitted by 23 May 2024.

Assuming there are enough nominations for an election, voting papers will be issued on 23 May 2024 with voting closing on 17 June 2024.

The first meeting of the new ‘Triennium’ (i.e. 3-year period) is on 14 September 2024.

More information

Call Church House on 01872 274351.

If you have specific questions about nominations and elections, please contact or on 01872 274351.

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