Statistics for Mission and Return of Parish Finance

Please submit your Return of Statistics for Mission form by the end of January each year.

Please submit your Return of Parish Finance by 15 June each year.

What do you need to do?

The full Statistics for Mission Return online form is NOW OPEN and the deadline for your complete Statistics for Mission Return to be submitted will be 31st January.

The full Return of Parish Finance online form opens in January and the deadline for your complete Return of Parish Finance to be submitted will be June 15.

You do not need to wait until you have all your numbers before you start entering them on the system.

You will find it useful to make sure there is a nominated person to collate the numbers and complete the return as some parishes find this can slip through the cracks.

How do we submit the return?
Please submit your statistics online.  You can do this via

If you used this last year you should be able to login with your existing username and password. If you need a username or password or have forgotten yours then contact
The Diocese of Truro

The online returns site at   also contains tools to help you explore how your attendance and income/expenditure have shifted over the last few years.

There are additional resources available here that may help you with your return: Additional resources

Thank you for your time in completing this really important information. Your data is invaluable to you, your deanery, Diocese of Truro and the Church of England.

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