Just Keep Praying

With Thy Kingdom Come officially over, the temptation could be to stop praying. More hopefully, you’ve been so encouraged by the experiences of praying regularly and determinedly during the time […]

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Bishop Chris says keep praying Thy Kingdom Come until it does

I’ve never met a Christian who thought they were good at praying. Even among those who in my eyes have been spiritual giants, prayer has been a daily challenge, punctuated […]

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Thy Kingdom Come as we draw closer to Pentecost

As Thy Kingdom Come draws closer to Pentecost, the moment when Jesus sent us His Holy Spirit, Steve Guffick shares what it meant for him when ‘Send out your Holy […]

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Changing our prayer setting from talking to listening

Clare Shearman, Spiritual Director and facilitator of Treargel Retreats in Portlooe  shares, for Thy Kingdom Come, how her prayer life was transformed by changing her prayer setting from talking to […]

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A lesson in waiting for Thy Kingdom Come

Revd Becca Bell shares for Thy Kingdom Come how, like many of us, she’s not a fan of waiting, but likes things now. Instantly. However, sometimes God let’s us know […]

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Thy Kingdom Come at work

As the video clip says, if every Christian regularly prayed for 5 of their friends to know Jesus, imagine the difference that could make. There is such power in praying […]

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Holding our prayers in our hands

Revd Bridget Macaulay shares one her poems and paintings for Thy Kingdom Come, explaining how our prayers are made up entirely of who we are, how we are made and where […]

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The power of prayer in policing

PC Helen Priestley shares during Thy Kingdom Come how being wrapped in prayer is the greatest protection she can have as a police officer. I’m a serving police officer and […]

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Thy Kingdom Come

For the start of Thy Kingdom Come, Bishop Tim shares a prayer by Ted Loder, “It’s one I find very helpful as it uses language in a direct way. Some […]

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Thy Kingdom Come – what’s going on

With just two days to go, there is so much prayer planned around Cornwall for Thy Kingdom Come – from prayer stations to cabins, walks to labyrinths, here is a […]

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