Treargel retreat

Clare Shearman, Spiritual Director and facilitator of Treargel Retreats in Portlooe  shares, for Thy Kingdom Come, how her prayer life was transformed by changing her prayer setting from talking to listening.

“It was when a former colleague, who was colleague leading staff prayers, shared how her life had been changed when she realised that God talked to her. She explained how a big part of her prayer life, if not the biggest, was now listening to God – rather than talking at or to Him.”

Clare explained how she was led gently through a listening exercise. “Lo and behold God spoke to me too.  I don’t recall what He said, but I do know it was the start of a transformational two-way relationship with Him.”

This transformational moment called Clare towards the spiritual disciplines of contemplation and meditation, which, she says, are still her preferred modes of prayer.  “It also drew me towards my vocation as a Spiritual Director, which, at its heart, is a listening role.”

Dear Lord, I take this moment to recommit my life to you: to surrender my will to your will, to live more faithfully to you and to bring glory to your name not mine!  Amen