Bishop Tim has issued an invitation to churchgoers from across the diocese to join him for a day of prayer in Truro Cathedral.

The event, called Journey, will be held in the cathedral on Saturday, July 22, from 11am to 2.15pm.

Bishop Tim said: “Prayer is a priority for us all in the diocese, and we have agreed to have an annual day when we call people together to pray. I would encourage all clergy and parishioners alike to join us, as well as anybody else who is keen to explore the power of prayer.”

Throughout Journey, prayer stations will be set up around the cathedral, encouraging people to move around and engage with different elements and prompts for a personal experience of prayer.

There will be many opportunities for people to pray together, but there will also be space for individuals to pause, reflect and be still in the presence of God.

A labyrinth will be chalked out on High Cross, just outside the Cathedral, to extend God’s welcome and an invitation for everyone to enter their own journey of prayer.

Bishop Tim said: “Whether people choose to pop in and stay for a short or a long time, they will enjoy an opportunity to focus on the compass unique to them in their journey, lay down their daily luggage and prepare for the next leg of their pilgrimage, using the map that God lays out in their heart.

“I hope these opportunities will allow all who wish a time to gather and pray together, and consider what God is saying to us as we journey on.”

The day will be especially poignant, as later that day Bishop Tim will preside and preach at a Eucharist service in the cathedral for the last time as Bishop of Truro. That service begins at 4pm and, again, all are welcome.