As the video clip says, if every Christian regularly prayed for 5 of their friends to know Jesus, imagine the difference that could make. There is such power in praying for our friends, not just once in a while, or when we feel like it, but regularly, persevering, with discipline. Why not try it during Thy Kingdom Come, like Jenny, below.

For those of us back at work today after the Bank Holiday, Jenny, a Christian who works in the NHS and therefore prevented from expressing her faith in any way, shares a prayer and some strategies for Thy Kingdom Come for how to pray for colleagues.

Have you ever thought you would like to chat to your work colleagues about your faith?

I decided to pray purposefully for those I work alongside. When I am in work early, on my own, I stand by my colleagues’ desks and pray for each of them individually. I ask God to show me how to pray for them.

I have been doing this on a regular basis for several months now and since I started I have had some amazing conversations about my Christian faith and even been able to pray with one of my colleagues going through a difficult situation.

The conversations have been initiated by them not me!

I keep praying.

Dear Lord,

Please give us courage and boldness to pray regularly for those we work with and take any opportunity they give, to chat about our faith and to pray. Amen.