Revd Becca Bell shares for Thy Kingdom Come how, like many of us, she’s not a fan of waiting, but likes things now. Instantly. However, sometimes God let’s us know He has other ideas that involve waiting.

Thy Kingdom ComePriest in Charge of St. Cleer and assistant curate of St. John Pensilva, St Neot and Warleggan, Revd Becca Bell explains how a year ago she was waiting for the potential of a new job. “I was based in Gloucester with only 12 months left. I had completed all my curate training. I couldn’t put energy into new things as I wouldn’t be there to see them through. I had to wait.”

Each week Revd Becca studied the Church Times looking for the Truro Diocese symbol, “I knew God was calling me to this diocese. I’d even tested the water by applying for an amazing new role in another diocese in a perfect location with sea, and proximity to both our families, and great schools and the chance to grow a brand new congregation… it was everything I could have hoped for, but I felt sick at the thought of accepting it. Turning it down felt so risky and yet I was flooded with peace when I did.”

Revd Becca explained how she considered just moving down here, without a job, but that would mean no money and she didn’t feel that was what God had in mind. “I booked some time away to pray and be with God. I came to stay with a friend here in Cornwall. As I prayed I felt a sense of peace and by the end of my time here, I was happy to believe everything truly was in God’s hands and that I would have to do what I don’t enjoy, that is wait.”

Before leaving to journey home, Revd Becca checked her emails, having ignored them for 3 days. “The first email was from Archdeacon Audrey inviting me to look at a post which was complex and would be difficult to advertise for various reasons, but I knew it was for me. The waiting was over. Except for the small matter of meeting the churches and the interview!”

Revd Becca has been in post here for 6 months now. “It’s challenging because it’s a new role and pretty big for a first job, but the people are fantastic and it’s clear God is at work as new projects take off and new folk join us. My task now is to remain rooted in prayer and trusting God as much as I was when I felt I had no control over the situation and simply had to wait.”

Revd Becca admits she’s still not a fan of waiting, “But the times when I have used waiting as a chance to pray and trust God are times I have grown in my faith and as a person. I have come to know God more deeply. It’s never easy but it is a really rich time.”

Loving God,

Thank you for being with us in everything.

As I wait for the next thing, whether it’s big or small; extraordinary or mundane, help me to listen to you.

As I wait, help me to trust you.

As I wait, help me to be still and know that you are God.