Thy Kingdom Come

Revd Bridget Macaulay shares one her poems and paintings for Thy Kingdom Come, explaining how our prayers are made up entirely of who we are, how we are made and where we are on our journey. In praying “Thy Kingdom Come”, she says, we can start just where we are.

“This poem reflects how our praying isn’t a detached activity but instead flows out of the raw material of our life and the unfolding story of our faith journey. The life giving, forgiving, healing, inspiring and energising action of God starts by building the Kingdom right here in our lives which then can overflow in sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.”


When you take up the bowl of prayer
and fill it with your petitions
that beneath the form you hold
your hands make their own bowl.

This bowl will be filled
with the habits of your hopes,
with your tears sometimes
and with the golden liquid
of your particular joys.

This bowl is shaped, scarred and smoothed
by the unique work of your living
The lines and creases
of your soul are here
and (enlarged by prayer)
will make their own Magnificat.

No one else can open this book before God;
it is your story you must pray with.
This opening, filling, lifting and emptying
are peculiarly yours.

So pray the prayer your hands can hold
And leave fingerprints everywhere

Revd Bridget suggests praying with your hands held as a bowl on your lap.

Lord, thank you that each of our lives has a unique shape and story. May we work and pray within the particular circumstances and opportunities of our own lives to build your Kingdom and share your Good News. In our family life, in our parenting, in our working and our relating may we leave the print of your Presence. Help us by your Spirit to pray the prayer our hands can hold and make the marks of the Kingdom in all we say and do.