For the start of Thy Kingdom Come, Bishop Tim shares a prayer by Ted Loder, “It’s one I find very helpful as it uses language in a direct way. Some may not immediately imagine it can be used in prayer but for me it reminds me of the essential reality that prayer has to be authentic.”

Thy Kingdom Come


Bishop Tim goes on to say, “Prayer is the means by which we ensure our relationship with God continues to develop and flourish.  It entails us being honest in our relationship with God and means that we need to be authentic.  It takes time and effort on our part and we cannot expect it to happen without some contribution from ourselves!

“It is not simply about asking God to help us although it does include that.  It has many different facets to it and it is important to develop our prayer life and to try new ways of praying.  Much of the way we pray is related to how we are as human beings and so given we all learn and act in different ways in different circumstances so it should be no surprise that different ways of praying appeal to different people.

“Thy Kingdom Come has a specific purpose and that is praying that other people may come to know Jesus.  As then we enter this period of time between Ascension and Pentecost I hope we will all take the opportunity to think of people we know, close to us, who do not yet know the love of God and the power of Jesus in their lives and pray that God may be at work in their lives.”