A timetable for the consultation over the new method of allocating the Mission and Ministry Fund among parishes has been finalised.

The November 2017 meeting of the Truro Diocesan Synod agreed that the consultations with deaneries and other key individuals would run between January and March 2018. The system would then be modified according to the feedback received during this process, and presented to the synod in May 2018 for approval. Assuming this is given, there will then be explanatory and training sessions with deaneries and PCCs during the summer and autumn.

The synod agreed a plan for the new system to be implemented from the start of 2019 (schedule is below).

More information and detail about the proposed model and the principles are available by following this link.

Chairman of the Truro Diocesan Board of Finance, Mike Sturgess, said: “We all know the old saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Well, I think we also all know that our existing approach to MMF is indeed broke, and needs fixing.

“The Executive and the Bishop’s Diocesan Council (BDC) have been considering what a new approach to MMF might look like in our diocese. Our ideas have been through many stages, and each time we discuss it, the proposal is amended and improved slightly. I have no doubt that our current thinking will not be the finished model, as it continues to be honed through wider discussions and consultations.

“It is important that decisions about our life as a church are guided by what we believe about God and about ourselves. Five key areas of Christian belief have formed the foundation of our work on this review, and are currently being explored more widely across the diocese. These key areas all relate to our response to God’s grace.

“Perhaps the point that stands out most clearly in these principles is that of ‘one body’; together we are part of Christ’s body, together we are called to worship and bear witness to God, together we seek to rejoice in God’s abundant nature and to find signs of resurrection promises where we are. Equally, we could say: together we seek to find the resources needed to enable the mission and ministry of Christ’s church here in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.”

Proposed timetable



9 and 11 Jan 18 One or more meetings with Rural Deans, Lay Chairs, Deanery Treasurers and other key people to discuss the proposals.
7 Mar 18 Rural Deans’ meeting to discuss feedback from January meeting.
Jan – Mar 18 Allow time for feedback from Deaneries on proposed way forward, and modify the proposed system where appropriate.
5 May 18 Presentation to Diocesan Synod on the proposal on the new way of allocating the MMF and seeking approval to put in place effective 1 Jan 19.
May – Jul 18 Explanatory sessions with Deaneries and PCC representatives. Meetings to cover all 12 deaneries, provide an explanation of the new approach and determine what additional support will be needed for its implementation.
16 and 27 Jun 18 PCC Officers’ Training days.
29 Sep 18 Diocesan Synod: approval of 2019 budget, incorporating the new approach, and update on progress towards implementation.
1 Jan 19 Implementation of new MMF approach.