In December 2015 after my morning aquafit class, a friend and I were sitting on the pool steps as we usually do, chatting and waiting for the showers to clear. A lady from the class who neither of us knew except by sight came and joined us on the steps. My friend and I were asking how each of us were about our aches and pains of which I had many. The lady, whose name I found out later is Nicki, said that she attended St Mary’s Church in Callington and offered to pray for us right there in the pool if we would like her to. I was very keen to try anything as I have been in a lot of pain from arthritis for many years, in fact since I was 12 years old. Nicki has since told me that she felt a nudge from God to speak to us that morning.
I went first, Nicki asked me if it was ok to put her hand on my shoulder, I said yes. We were sitting on the steps, Nicki’s hand was on my shoulder and I shut my eyes. Nicki started to pray for my arthritis in all my joints and the connective tissues and really I can’t remember what else she said. I was in a surreal place, my body was trying to float off the steps and I was trying so hard to stay sitting down which I had no trouble doing before Nicki started to pray for me. The Almighty God was definitely with us on that morning, I felt his presence then, and I have felt his tangible presence ever since. The only way I can explain what happened to me was that I felt like I was rebaptised on those pool steps on the 2nd December 2015. My pain had lessened considerably in my body which was fantastic. I also felt totally different as a person; my life was changed forever.
I was changed that morning and felt led to go to church that Sunday at St Mary’s Callington of course as this is where I felt I had to be. I have attended almost every week since. The church family have welcomed me and I am getting to know lots of people. They are an amazing group of people and I am happy to be a family member with them all. Nicki has become a very good friend since and helps me greatly in my religious education which is sadly lacking and by introducing me to many people in the church.
I know I am not fully healed as I have other aliments as well. I am truly thankful for the love of God, by showing me his presence and for the healing he has given me. I have attended a teaching programme called ‘Hosting the Presence’ which I found very informative and interesting. Nicki was at hand to help me when it got a bit of a challenge but well worth completing. It helped me to understand that I have the holy spirit with me and the authority I have in Christ. I am amazed the way Jesus has shown me his presence.
I still had a bad back so I received more prayers for healing. Nicki checked the length of my legs and discovered they were different. Nicki and Rev Tony then prayed that Jesus would grow my shorter leg until they were the same length and to my amazement this happened and my back got considerably better. I then received prayer by Rev Tony and Nicki for the third time and my back was completely healed. I was standing for the first time and during these prayers I felt a force gently pushing me backwards I didn’t know what this meant and so stopped myself from falling backwards.
I have since come to understand this was the Holy Spirit. I have had excruciating pain in my lower spine for so many years that I have very strong tablets just to cope with the daily pain. Now that God has healed my lower back I am able to do so many more things than I could only dream about before.
I have volunteered with different groups in the church but I am still waiting for God to tell me which path he wants me to take. I am waiting with love and an open heart to do his bidding.
Thanks be to God