My parents didn’t attend church but my Mum was a Christian. I grew up with no church roots. I met and married Jem when I was 18 years old. He came from a ‘clergy’ family and at some point I knew that Jem would eventually be ordained. In 1996 my father was dying so we came to Cornwall for a break and met Revd Sherry Bryan. Combined by the welcome that we received from the people at St Teath and the whirlwind that is Sherry Bryan, I started to feel like the Christian faith was right for me. I was confirmed at the age of 40 with my daughter Libby. Shortly afterwards Jem went on to do his ministerial training in Lincoln and I trained as a local minister. We moved to Cornwall in 2007 when Jem retired from the police. Now I work for the Diocese and Jem is the Bishop’s Chaplain.