“Dear world leaders, our world is in crisis, it’s time to take a stand.” The opening words of an open letter written by 14 Cornish young people, addressed to the leaders of the G7 nations and published today (12th May).

In it, the young people voice their fears about the climate crisis, asking world leaders to choose people and planet over profits, by limiting a rise in global temperatures to 1.5℃.

“We are one: one world, one creation, one humanity. Our planet is struggling and people are suffering, so while you’re visiting our patch … we need you to act,” they write.

Next month the leaders of the seven most influential countries in the world met at Carbis Bay in Cornwall to discuss the climate crisis. This will be followed by a larger gathering in Glasgow in November, COP26.

“As Christians, God asks us to love our neighbours, near and far. But your failure to act is putting their lives at risk. Today we are at a tipping point. We CAN stop this, but after decades of promises the action we need is still not happening. When it comes to real action, profit is too often chosen over people and planet.”
The open letter, to which anyone can add their signature electronically, calls on some of the world’s most powerful leaders to end funding for fossil fuels, cut CO2 emissions to zero as fast as possible and to provide funding and support for world’s poorest communities as they adapt to climate changes that the world is already too late to prevent.

Call to action
The letter which will be taken to Cornwall and Glasgow summits ends with this rallying call. “We stand in solidarity with our global neighbours, whose lives literally depend on us keeping to 1.5°C. We ask you to act with us: a young generation taking a stand with our global community.”
Read and sign the letter at https://wearetearfund.org/takeastand/