With Easter upon us the greatest gift we can give each other is hope in the believe in Jesus’ promise to be be with us, “…always, to the very end of the age.” In2 the Bible is a great way to begin that conversation, to share that hope with others.

Revd Steve Robinson, the Rector of Illogan Parish said, “It’s proved to be an incredibly useful resource that we’ve used in all sorts of places, both in church and at home, with colleagues, friends and parishioners.” Revd Steve has three churches within his parish, Illogan, Trevenson and St Mary’s in Portreath and he says that all of them have taken up the Bishop’s Lent Challenge.

“It’s been great to have the Bishop emphasising the importance of reading the Bible,” Steve says. “The fact that he has made it a challenge has really helped, because a challenge is something that you either consciously take up or not.  I have been encouraging individuals and groups to take it up.”

And taking it up has proved to be so easy and enjoyable, said Revd Steve, making it less daunting to share with friends who might find the idea of a Bible study a bit intimidating.  The passages are well chosen and the questions very thought provoking – it’s not daunting to pick up. “It’s something that’s easy to come back to and even if the passages are familiar to some, discussing it together helps everyone to see new things.”

Revd Marlene Carveth, the associate priest at Illogan, has been using In2theBible during an afternoon Bible study group at Trevenson Church, and Jackie, Revd Steve’s wife, has been meeting to read the bible with a young woman that comes to their teatime service – with Revd Steve meeting with her husband.

The church warden, Ben, has been sharing In2the Bible with their South West Youth Trainee (SWYM), while another warden has been sharing it with her best friend.

Revd Steve said how he had used an In2 the Bible study with a fellowship group that meets once a month in Illogan. There are about 25 people and they all had a great time, mulling it over in small groups.

So, whether you want to share In2 the Bible with a friend, or group of friends, within the church or not, it could be the best gift you share over this Easter.