The Bishops of the Church of England have today invited the whole church into a process of mutual listening about the issues of human identity, relationships, marriage and sexuality. These are topics that we often find it difficult to talk about, and on which there are very serious disagreements within the church.

How we talk & listen in love & faith really matters

Living in Love and Faith (LLF) invites every member of the Church of England to listen and talk about these topics, including with people who have different views and experiences to us. These conversations are about complex issues, and about how we talk and listen to each other and how we remain united even when we disagree about things that really matter.

The conversations will be based on a book and accompanying resources, which have been prayerfully and carefully prepared for us to use.

The Rt Revd Hugh Nelson, Bishop of St Germans will be leading the Diocese of Truro’s work on Living in Love and Faith (LLF). He says:

“Bishop Philip and I welcome this initiative and pray that it will be an important opportunity for us to listen and learn from each other in this Diocese and to grow in mutual love and care.

“We are clear however that there is too much going on at the moment for us to focus on this work right now. While the LLF book is available from today (and you can see all the resources here) we suggest that you do not start using them in your church communities until the New Year.

“I have asked a small group to work with me on how we can best support our church communities to set up and run these important conversations, and we will be back in touch before the New Year with further information and ideas.

“In the meantime, please pray for one another and for the whole church, that we might bear witness to the love of God in the way we love each other.”

Read the full press release from the Church of England here.

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