Journey, Day of Prayer

When the team putting together Journey, a day of prayer in Truro Cathedral last Saturday, prayed for good weather, they rather expected the sun to shine all day. It shone a bit, enough for some to enjoy the labyrinth at High Cross, just outside, but when the rain came the people ran inside for refuge. And not just those who intended to visit that day.

“This has been so special, we were not expecting this at all,” said one visitor. For many, it was a totally new experience, and possibly the start of a journey. For others, it was a continuation of their journey which started years ago.

Journey encouraged people to focus on their own unique compass, lay down their daily luggage and reflect on the map that God laid on their heart. Each station was an opportunity to take some time, be still and just wait.

Journey, Day of Prayer“For all of us, God’s presence was tangible as people stopped and reflected and considered Him,” said Pauline Burdett, one of the team behind Journey.

As someone said, as they left, “That one about grace – I’m overwhelmed…”