The Dean of Truro, Roger Bush, carrying out the Carbon Logic Pledge 2 which involves a commitment to using local, seasonal produce as much as possible.

The Environment Officer of the Diocese of Truro has asked people to get in touch with their local election candidates for World Environment Day (June 5) and find out what commitments they will make in terms of their approach to environmental protection.

Luci Isaacson said: “I am super-keen that people ask their parliamentary candidates whether they will dedicate any of their own time to ensuring we have an environment law with our own environmental protection targets into the future. They could also ask whether such commitments would be underpinned by legislation and overseen by a statutory body.

“It is more important than ever that we consider issues like this. After Brexit we will be outside the supportive framework and objectives set for environmental protection by the EU. We must ensure we have our own targets for environmental protection into the future.

“We need an equivalent structure for the protection of the natural environment to that provided by the Climate Change Act: a new long-term commitment for the protection of habitats, land, water and air, including hard targets, duties underpinned by legislation and overseen by a body such as a Natural Capital Committee, which should be made permanent.

“Can you ask your candidates for a commitment from them to back moves to legislate and set ambitious targets for the UK’s stock of natural capital and biodiversity?

“It would be great if people would consider doing this for World Environment Day on June 5, as it will be just in time for the General Election, and people will then be able to hold their elected politicians to account once they have been installed and start to become active in parliament.”