With storm force winds and rain, Perranporth, Cubert and Crantock’s curate Revd Caspar Bush has spent his fourth night in a tent to raise awareness of the plight of refugees.


Revd Bush is spending a week living in the ShelterBox tent outside of St Michael’s Church in Perranporth. All his needs, like food and a sleeping bag are coming from the generous donations of his parish.

Speaking on day three, Caspar said: “I was a dairy farmer until a year ago and so I have always felt quite connected to the elements so the weather alone is not an issue. However, I am not a camper so it’s interesting experiencing it in a tent!”

Far from freezing and starving though, Caspar has been fully provided for by his community with six sleeping bags being given as well as wind up lights, an inflatable bed, plenty of cakes and breakfasts. “It has been just wonderful how people have provided me with so much more than I need! There was a new family in church when I stood up on Sunday to say I was doing this. They came to see me in the tent and donated all manner of things.”

The experience has also given Caspar the chance to spend his first night in his parish. “I live outside of my parish at the moment so it’s been nice to spend time here. I feel safe but it can be quite lonely so I have appreciated the company when people have come to visit.”

With such a wide selection of food being given, Caspar has been keen to ensure none of its goes to waste. What he has not been able to use has been donated to the Truro Foodbank.

Caspar was inspired to undertake his campaign after a summer holiday in France.

“This summer I was on holiday with my family in France and I woke up one morning thinking what a privilege it is to be able to stay far from home in that sort of luxury, while many millions of people in all sorts of countries have been forced hundreds of miles from their homes and survive in incredibly basic conditions. I felt I had to do something. This seemed like a good way to raise awareness within my church but also among non-church going members of the community.”

Caspar is also writing a blog of his experiences, go to: curateinatent.wordpress.com

As well as raising awareness, Casper is also hoping his week-long camp out will raise money for two charities, Shelterbox, the Cornish charity that provides emergency tents and supplies to people around the world who have lost their homes because of natural disasters or conflict; and Release International, a campaign group that supports persecuted Christians around the world.

Shelterbox is presently providing tents and relief supplies in Kurdistan for various different ethnic groups displaced by the violence in Iraq.  Release International is supporting the work of Canon Andrew White, so-called ‘vicar of Baghdad’, as his church provides help for thousands of displaced Christians.

At 5.30pm each day until October 11, a silent vigil will be held in St Michael’s Church to remember those who suffer as refugees. All people, of any faith or none, are welcome to come and light a candle and sit in solidarity with refugees around the world.