The Bishop of Truro, the Rt Revd Philip Mounstephen was at Boscawen in Truro this morning to re-dedicate a bench in memory of Violet Knight, the mother of the city’s current Town Crier.

Lionel Knight, whose dulcet tones have been heard booming across Truro for the last five years in his civic role, originally placed a bench near Boscawen Park in memory of his mum following her death aged 103 in 2013. But just before Christmas 2018, the bench was destroyed when it was hit by a car.

Having had the honour of showing the new Bishop around Truro on the morning of his installation as Bishop of Truro in January, Lionel made a special request to have the newly replaced bench blessed and re-dedicated by Bishop Philip.

Joining Lionel at the re-dedication was his wife Carol, the couple wed just 10 weeks ago, his youngest daughter Sarah and two of his grandchildren Faye, 13, and William, six.

‘He leads me beside still waters’

Bishop Philip began by reading Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd which very aptly includes the line ‘He leads me beside still waters’. In his blessing, Bishop Philip said: “Lord, today as we gather in memory of Vi, we give thanks for her life and her love of this beautiful city. We give thanks too for this place and we remember her enjoyment of this beautiful view. We dedicate this place to her memory, and we pray for all those who come and sit beside the still waters that they may find rest for their souls. May your blessing rest upon them.”

The short service finished with the Lord’s Prayer.

Lionel says Vi was a ‘true Truronian’ who used to love the river and the view looking up towards the cathedral where her new bench is situated is the perfect spot to appreciate Vi’s beloved city.

Vi Knight is pictured on her motorcycle in 1935.

Vi on her motorcycle in 1935

Vi enjoyed an active life – a founder member of Truro Swimming Club – she loved to ride motorcycles and even drove ambulances for the Civil Defence Corps during World War 2 before going on to drive for the county ambulance service. As well as raising Lionel, Vi worked as an upholsterer and carpet layer and her pasties were famous on the Malpas Estate where the family lived.