“Why am I a Christian? In the early days of my life I may have been able to answer such a question. I was baptised at four weeks old, and my parents and Godparents made promises to do all they could to bring me up to make a personal commitment to my faith, and I thank God every day for their own deep faith.

It was only when I came to confirmation that I personally asked the Lord Jesus into my life. I now have that special bond of the Father and the Son. I know that I often let God down, and find it hard to feel forgiven at times for my actions.

In my journey of faith I now know that the Lord is in fact with me in every aspect of my life. This includes the good times and the bad times.

If I could bring just one person to have this relationship with Jesus, then my faith will not have been in vain.

Jesus came to preach repentance, and to take away the sins of the world. One cannot but be filled with joy in being his instrument in this.”