“As might be expected my Dad’s sudden death in Bristol on Christmas Eve in 1983 had a huge impact on my life. There were all sorts of family problems and I desperately needed help to sort everything out. There was nowhere else to turn and I prayed that God would help me.

So many things happened which there is not room to write about here but I felt my prayer had been answered and when I returned to Liskeard I began attending St Martin’s church. My perspective on life changed and faith grew.

After a while my husband attended church too and some months later we were confirmed. It was a wonderful service and we knelt together before the bishop and declared our faith.

The journey has continued for thirty two years and I hope for many more. Faith has been strong, sometimes weak, and sometimes mediocre, but always there. There have been wonderful joyful times, some very sad times, some difficult times and the usual ‘getting on with it times’ but God’s love in Jesus has always been there and I can’t live without it.

The bible says in John’s gospel (John3v16): God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I believe this, and want everyone else to know the peace and love that comes from accepting him into our earthly lives.

If you haven’t done so, try it!”