Geoffrey Maynard from Falmouth All Saints Church was among 25 people receiving a Cross of St Piran Award this year.

Nominated for the award by Father Stephen Drakely via Carnmarth South Deanery, for his steadfast dedication to the church, Geoffrey has only missed three Midnight Mass services in nearly 88 years of attendance.

Geoffrey, 90, started attending All Saints Church in 1928 at the age of just two. Starting off as a Boat Boy he was confirmed in the church at the age of 14, and went on to be an altar server for 20 years and served on the PCC for 14 years.

Throughout his time at All Saints, Geoffrey only missed the three Midnight Mass services because he was called up for Army service in 1946. From the time that All Saints became a parish Geoffrey has served under all of the incumbents. Fr Stephen remarked that he is a “very patient man!”

Geoffrey, along with his wife Phyllis, have been stalwarts to the life of the church and his assistance has gone as far as sorting out the electrics for the very popular annual Christmas Tree Festival and the occasional wood working task.

Upon receiving the nomination, Geoffrey said it was a “great surprise” and an “absolute honour” to receive the award. He will be attending the service with his wife, daughters and some of the congregation from All Saints Church, who all feel ‘chuffed’ that he has been selected to receive the honour.