Carol Baker has been playing the church organ within the Boyton Benefice faithfully for nearly 60 years and has rarely missed a Sunday service. She was nominated by a Local Worship Leader from Stratton Deanery whom she had met through a conversation about church whilst working in Tesco.

Growing up in Werrington, Carol attended Werrington church from a young age every Sunday. When the current organist left to get married Carol’s primary school teacher suggested that Carol could start to play the organ. “Once I started playing the organ, the piano wasn’t quite so interesting.” She started playing for the church services at the age of 14, playing for two services every Sunday.

David, Carol’s husband of 48 years has always been very appreciative of her organ playing and would go to work earlier in the morning so that Carol could have the car to get to church.

Having played the organ for nearly 60 years carol has met many of the local families and knows them personally. “I would say that I have played for hundreds of funerals and weddings over the years.” One of the first weddings that Carol played for she also played for the bridegrooms funeral 54 years later.”

Even having her two young children didn’t stop Carol from playing the organ, keeping them next to her in the carry cot whilst she played. She also only had a short time off when having her hip and knees done but has “never let anyone down” playing for any occasion that people ask her to.

Over the years Carol has served the church faithfully through helping to clean the church, arrange the flowers and being a member of the PCC.

Carol emphasised it has been a great privilege to play a lovely organ and the obligation and commitment has always been a large part of her life, being awarded the St Piran’s Cross gives her great satisfaction.