A public consultation meeting is being held in February to give people from across the diocese of the chance to share their views on the next Bishop of Truro.

The consultation meeting at 7pm on February 6, will be chaired by Simon Robinson, and is an opportunity for people across to the diocese to speak to Stephen Knott (the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments) and Helen Dimmock (Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments).

The aim of the consultations is to explore from a broad range of perspectives the challenges and opportunities that will be encountered by the next Bishop as they start their ministry. The Appointment Secretaries want to understand the opportunities to work in partnership for the benefit of the people of our diocese, so they can begin to reflect on the qualities that might be required in the next Bishop.

The agenda for this public meeting is:

  • Introduction from the Chair of the Vacancy in See committee
  • Introduction from the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments and the Archbishops’ Secretary for Appointments
  • Information on the process & timetable from the Archbishops’ Appointments Secretary
  • Questions on process invited at this point
  • Attendees then invited to comment on the needs of the Diocese and the characteristics and qualities needed in the next Bishop*.

*If you will attend the meeting and would like to speak, please be aware that the Secretaries will be in ‘listening mode’ and will ask you the following questions, so please prepare your responses accordingly:

  • What gifts, qualities and experience do you think are needed in a new Bishop?
  • What fills you with joy and hope about the ministry and mission of the Church in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and two parishes in Devon?
  • What are the challenges and frustrations and what would you like to change?
  • What opportunities do you see are open to the Church in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and two parishes in Devon?

Please note that only a very short amount of time can be given to each speaker, to enable all those who wish to speak to do so.

If you are unable to attend the Zoom but would like to contribute you are welcome to submit comments in writing here.

This consultation is in addition to a series of interviews with individuals and groups reflecting the life of the Church and beyond in our diocese. Invitations for which are being sent out separately.

If you have any questions about this meeting or the wider process, email Kate Cortez. There is information, which is updated, on our website.

Public Consultation Meeting

February 6, 7pm.

Join via Zoom here

Meeting ID: 997 1717 1573

Passcode: 983305