The Diocese of Truro has embarked upon a significant programme of change to achieve fruitfulness and sustainability in the current climate of massive social and economic challenge.

From 2021, all 12 deaneries have been working to create and implement plans for mission and ministry using an approach called ‘On the Way’, which sees local lay and ordained leaders seeking God’s call for their churches: a key part of facing the reality of the challenges in front of us. Many have found the process liberating and exciting.

The diocese has also changed the way funds received from the Church Commissioners for areas of economic deprivation (Lowest Income Communities Funding – LICF) ensuring they are now spent in and with the communities for whom it is intended.

In addition, both the national church and diocese are continuing to invest in mission projects, notably ‘Transforming Mission’ (TM).

In order to oversee future developments, the diocese is recruiting for a Director of Change and Renewal to work with the bishops and other leaders to support and assure effective implementation of these local plans, generated through On the Way, now and in the years to come. This role will also manage the existing Programme team, which incorporates TM.

This new part-time, pro rata role brings together direction and leadership for significant change projects previously spread across two posts with the aim of ensuring their successful implementation and effectiveness.

It will not be funded from MMF (parish share), with the money coming instead from the diocesan reserves.

The Diocese of Truro has one of the smallest diocesan offices in the country. A commitment to cut £250,000 in the central office costs was made during the September 2021 Diocesan Synod and some of those savings have already been achieved resulting in the joining of the Parish Support and Ministry teams under one umbrella.

Bishop Philip said: “This role will support the focus of the newly merged teams at Church House as well as ensuring the deanery plans successfully deliver on their expected outcomes on time and in budget.

“Deaneries are working extremely hard through On The Way and it is very important we are able to support them in the best way possible to become fruitful and sustainable. Having someone who can provide good, consistent project management, provide a clear communication link with deaneries to keep them updated and work towards us successfully applying for funds for the various planned projects, is key.

“It is really about helping locally developed initiatives come to fruition.”

It is expected the new postholder will be in place by early autumn 2022.

For more information about On The Way here.