Truro Cathedral welcomed back the Readers on Saturday for their annual service in celebration of Reader Ministry.

Around 45 Readers supported by their families and friends filled the cathedral as the Bodmin and Trigg Minor Deanery Choir sang.

The Rt Revd Hugh Nelson, Bishop of St Germans, gave a heartfelt welcome in his role as Warden of the Readers. After the Old Testament reading from the Book of Jonah, and the Holy Gospel from Luke, Bishop Hugh gave a thoroughly inspiring and engaging sermon. 

Bishop Philip also attended to celebrate the ministry of Readers, and to highlight the importance he gives to Reader Ministry, alongside all Lay Ministry, in the service of the Church and furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

Jason Hoole-Jackson, Jane Le-Page, Gaynor Sutton, Patricia Owens, Robert Owens and Judith Stott were Admitted this year and received their new blue scarf, a Bible and Prayer Book; and were then licensed to the parishes in which they will serve.

Sandy Massie, Brian Norris, Margaret Sylvester-Thorne and Sue Wilcox all were given Permission to Officiate.

Roy Bright, Kevin Dodds and Wendy Smith were all recognised for having given over 50 years of service each and there was even an opportunity to welcome those that were Admitted last year in a smaller, covid-secure service.

All Readers were then invited to Renew their Commitment to the role, before applause echoed around the building.

You can watch the service via YouTube here