For many years leaders of churches in Truro have been talking about coming together in unity to serve and bless the city.

On Thursday, November 18, 2021 in Truro Cathedral at 7:30pm that journey will finally begin for the Church of England churches in Truro as the Bishop of Truro introduces and launches his Mission Order for the city. The Mission Order is the Bishop’s encouragement and blessing of this act of unity.

The road ahead will include a more intentional sharing of resources across the churches. It will enable the churches to more effectively pray for and support one another. It will help them work creatively to renew and refresh the life of the Church of England churches. It will help them find new way to pioneer new ministries together. It will help them act together to be a blessing to the city.

At the launch service there will also be a chance to hear more about what a Bishop’s Mission Order is and how it will develop in the years ahead.

Revd Marc Baker, vicar at St Kea, said: “I am very excited to welcome the launch of the Bishop’s Mission Order for the Church of England Churches in the city of Truro. The Bishop’s Mission Order starts us on a journey which will see our churches working together to share resources as we seek to more effectively serve and bless everyone who lives and works in Truro.”

Revd Jeremy Putnam, vicar at All Saints Highertown, said: “The BMO demonstrates our desire to resource our common life and unity in Christ, as well as our longing to share the Gospel in Truro. TM represents our commitment to both but more specifically indicates our heart to broaden our reach, and to love those who are more commonly underrepresented in our church communities. I am really looking forward to where this leads, working together to love the people of our city and to serve Christ.”

Bishop Philip said: “‘I’m so delighted that the Anglican churches of Truro are coming together in this way so they can be more effective in serving the people and communities of a ‘our great little city’ and I’m looking forward very much to praying God’s blessing on them all in our cathedral service.”

Archdeacon Paul Bryer added: “What an opportunity!  A new chapter beckons for the cathedral and the churches in and around our city of Truro as Bishop Philip’s ‘Mission Order’ is launched. The ‘Bishop’s Mission Order’ – BMO  – is a renewed call to come together in Mission and Ministry; an invitation to share vision and resources; and a commission to be good news to Truro.”