The last few days have sadly been a stark reminder of the Church’s failure to address institutional racism. The Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce report and the recent BBC Panorama documentary have demonstrated the lack of compassion for those of us from global majority backgrounds that have, at one time or another, experienced failure by the Church.

The findings of both highlight the need for change when it comes to handling issues around Race. ‘Apologies and lament’ must be followed by swift actions to see the kind of change we long for as a church community.

The George Floyd murder trial has also brought to the surface the evil of racism and how it so easily destroys lives. We, of course, condemn these kinds of injustices, celebrate the victories, and say “black lives do matter”; but there are times when words alone just are not enough. The question we must ask ourselves as a Church is how should we respond in light of recent revelations?

The answer is simple: we must repent, our hearts must change, and we must keep moving forward with one voice that loves unconditionally.”

Father, forgive us for our racism
Forgive us for our inaction
Heal us so that we can change
Let your church be one

The Rt Revd Philip Mounstephen – Bishop of Truro
The Rt Revd Hugh Nelson – Bishop of St Germans
The Revd Patrick Gilbert – Truro Diocese Minority Ethnic Champion