The summer holidays are racing towards us and many families will already be wondering how they can occupy their little and not-so-little ones on those days when even the sun reaches for an umbrella.

Many churches already have fabulous holiday clubs and activities in place and we’d love to hear about them. Others might be thinking about doing something, but don’t know where or how to start.

We know that many of you have marvellously messy church sessions and so have the resources, experience but maybe not the energy to keep going through the summer months. Now would be a good time to talk to your church community to see if there is anyone who has been longing to roll up their sleeves but is waiting to be asked. This could be as simple as covering two tables with plastic sheets and providing crafty materials relating to your saint, the seaside or Cornish dragons.

Churches are so well-placed in their communities to offer families sanctuary in the summer. At a time when families are under so much pressure, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach out into the communities and show just how welcoming church can be. All it would take is for two or three volunteers to run a few sessions for children and their parents in a string of churches across the county.

We can help you with advertising and ideas, please contact Jane Wheeler, Parish Support Advisor, via email or if you would like resources and help with setting up holiday clubs, please contact Sarah Welply, Project Officer for Youth Discipleship via email