The director of music at Truro Cathedral has called on other musicians to explore their vocations.

Christopher Gray, who has led the award-winning choir for 10 years, said: “If you feel a calling to do something it’s good to water that seed, because otherwise what is life really about?

Not an either/or choice

“It doesn’t have to be an either/or, and you don’t necessarily have to leave your day job to do it. There are lots of ways of serving within the church that don’t involve radically rethinking your life.”

Christopher has urged people who feel they would like to explore their musical vocation to talk to others who might be able to send them in the right direction, whether within the church or in a community group.

His comments are contained within the latest in the series of short films about vocations produced by the Diocese of Truro.

Series previously featured priests

The Living Faith series previously featured parish priests, Revd Arwen Foulkes and Revd Jeremy Putnam talking about their vocations, their calling to ministry and subsequent lives within their parishes.

Director of ordinands for the diocese, Revd Canon Jane Vaughan-Wilson, said: “Our first videos were well received and focused on what I suppose many people would see as the natural path for people with vocations, that of ordained ministry.

“But while we do of course encourage some people to follow that path, we recognise that it is not for everybody. The modern church is about having a community of people who give expression to their faith in a whole range of different ways, and which fit in with their very different lives and lifestyles.

Profound expression of faith

“Music is a profound and moving expression of faith for many people, and as Christopher says in this most recent film it can sometimes convey a meaning deeper and more intense than words.

“We are keen to encourage everybody who feels a calling to explore their faith in any way, and also to help people identify ways in which they can use their gifts and skills both to deepen their own understanding of their faith and to serve the common good.”

Individuals who would like to discuss how they can explore their musical vocations are being directed towards a range of people involved within the musical life of the Diocese of Truro and who will be well placed to suggest parishes that might be receptive and able to put their gifts to good use.

Those contacts are:
Jackie Robinson


Jackie is a music teacher and runs the community choir at St Illogan Church


Julian Briscoe

Julian is the director of music at St Kea Church


Matt Parry

Matt is the music pastor for Transforming Mission in Falmouth


Anybody interested in exploring a different sort of vocation is invited to email: