The Diocesan Choral Festival will take place on Saturday 7th October 2017 at Truro Cathedral and preparation for the service is already underway.

The 128th Choral Festival will once again be directed by the Cathedral’s Director of Music, Mr Christopher Gray and the theme of the festival this year is music ‘Faith in Adversity.’

There will be a series of area rehearsals taken by experience musicians as well as a ‘taster session’ with Jonathan Mann. This will take place on  Saturday 8th July between 11am – 12.30pm at St Joseph’s School, Launceston.

‘Parts rehearsals’ will be taking place on a Saturday afternoon in Truro and four ‘area learning sessions’ will take place during September including a weekday daytime rehearsal in Truro. There will also be a ‘polishing rehearsal’ shortly before the event.

The singers’ scores will be especially compiled and printed and will cost £7.50 each.

If you wish to take part in the Choral Festival, the closing date in Friday 14th July 2017.

For more information contact Mrs Gillian Wright on