Luci Isaacson, Diocese Environment Officer, invites us to do Pledge 5 during July:

“We are half way through our pledges – well done everyone! If you have not taken part yet, please do join in, they are all easy to do and can be done in a week, Bishop Tim, Arch Deacon Bill and Rev Steve Wild all did 2 a month for 5 months – but please do join us now.

Most of us travel every day, be it a walk to the shops or a drive to work, but now it is time to think about how we might do that in a better way and save carbon. It is crucial we cut carbon urgently from today. If you are walking, then great, the health benefits of that regular journey are significant. If you are driving and already rolling your eyes at the thought of public transport or car sharing in Cornwall – think on, when we launched this pledge someone living in Looe found a ride to her workplace in Hayle! Please do at least give it a try.
How do we travel? Is our journey like that of the Wise Men – vital and earth changing – or just a habit, and a waste of energy? Could we achieve the same ends in a better way?

How do we travel to church? Could you organise a car-sharing scheme and encourage walking to church? Are there secure facilities for parking cycles?

At work, we can also avoid unnecessary travel by making more use of electronic communications. I’m about to log into the internet to attend an Eco Church South West meeting. My renewable electricity (Pledge 1), allows me to do that without harming the planet. I’m looking forward to it this morning as I hope to tell them all about the wonderful things YOU have been doing and letting me know about your ACTIONS.

Please encourage adoption of ways of working within church structures that reduces the need for travel, particularly by car, and to encourage use of public transport and travel by bicycle and on foot.

Let me know how you get on and we love getting a photo.”


Pledge Five

I have pledged to walk, cycle, use public transport or register with 08700 111199 to travel to work or regular journey at least once a week. 

You can record your activity so please ‘check the box’on the postcard available in your Church.

Rev Steve Wild uses his bike to travel around locally