A special Covenant Service was held between St Andrew’s Church, Pencoys, Redruth and Four Lanes United Methodist Church on Sunday 22nd January.

Bishop Chris & Revd Steve Wild

The service resulted from a conversation between the two churches last spring where they discussed the continued desire for unity and their ongoing work sharing churches, events and services. Cleverly named ‘Flapjack’, which stands for Four Lanes and Pencoys join and celebrate the King, the arrangement carries on from ten years of working together for the Christian faith in the villages of Pencoys and Four Lanes, Redruth. The arrangement began with worship at monthly first Sunday services alternating between the two churches but was delayed by circumstances beyond the control of both the churches.

With past difficulties resolved, and with the determined efforts of Revd Peter Fellows (St Andrew’s) and Revd Carole Holmes (Methodist Superintendent of the Camborne-Redruth Circuit) the aspiration is eventually reaching fulfilment.

To confirm the new arrangement, the joint Covenant Service was presided over by the Bishop of St

Walking from St Andrew’s Church to the Methodist Church at Four Lanes.

Germans, Rt Revd Chris Goldmsith and the Chairman of the Cornwall Methodist District, Revd Steve Wild.

The service started with the Gathering and Welcome at St Andrew’s Church for both congregations, who then processed to the Methodist Church where the Covenant Service was jointly led by Revd Steve Wild, who preached, and Bishop Chris, who celebrated Holy Communion.

The intention of both churches, now united under a single banner, is to work together for the good of the Christian faith and the people of Four Lanes, Pencoys and the surrounding area.