Bishop Tim Lent Talk

The shocking news from Manchester is very hard to take in.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of those who have died and all the injured, and those who are still awaiting news of loved ones.  I also pay tribute to those extraordinary people in our emergency services.

Clearly it is still very early days with regard to establishing exactly what has happened, but such a senseless act is very difficult to understand.  I pray that all in Manchester will come together to express their solidarity for and with one another, and to pray that we can move forward together to work against such wicked indiscriminate acts of violence.

May we all today ensure that people are safe and that we continue to understand ourselves as part of our community in which we do understand that we are all responsible for one another, and want to work to build bonds of friendship between us.

God almighty
Be with all your children who are in pain today.
May your loving arms embrace all.
Help us in our shock and anxiety.
We pray for peace and for our world, that all may work together.
We pray for wisdom and calm at this very difficult time.
Through Jesus Christ our Risen Lord.