Having consulted with other members of Episcopal College Bishop Philip has announced that he’ll be taking a sabbatical this autumn.

Bishop Philip said: “We encourage clergy in this diocese to take a sabbatical from time to time to aid their own personal and ministerial development – and bishops are no exception to that rule!

‘A relatively short sabbatical this autumn’

“I’m planning to take a relatively short sabbatical this autumn which will include trips to both Lebanon and Israel, and I intend to find further opportunities to invest in the work on Freedom of Religion and Belief I’ve been engaged on over the past four years. I’ve always said this work is a natural expression of our diocese’s commitment to encouraging international links, and indeed to Cornwall’s spirit of ‘One and all’ so it seems an appropriate thing to do.

“I was encouraged to consider taking a sabbatical by the Archbishop of Canterbury in a recent ‘Ministerial Development Review’ (such as all clergy undertake). It’s 18 years since I last took a sabbatical so, to be honest, I’m looking forward to this one!

‘I look forward to returning with fresh vigour’

“I know the diocese will be well looked after by Bishop Hugh and other members of Episcopal College in my absence and I look forward to returning with fresh vigour for the work of seeking fruitfulness and sustainability upon which we’ve embarked.