There was lots of laughter and a few tears on Sunday as Revd Heather Aston took her last service in the Meneage Benefice at St Martin Parish Church.
In a service that was always going to be emotional, over 80 people from the parishes of Mawgan, Manaccan, St Anthony and St Martin gathered to say their goodbyes. Heather has made many friends in her three and half years in the area and this was evident from the many people from all three Anglican churches, from the Methodist chapel and those who do not attend any church but came to this special service.
Canon Lesley Walker preached the sermon in which she brought together the concepts of birds leaving their nests, disciples being sent out into the world without Jesus and Heather leaving Lesley’s guidance to become Priest-in-Charge of the Boscastle and Tintagel group of parishes. In all cases God is watching over us and his plan cannot be changed. The nestlings, disciples and Heather have all been given the best training and guidance possible and eventually must fly alone.  At the end of the service Heather thanked Lesley for her mentoring and everyone for her happy time in the area.
Everyone was invited back to the Parish Hall for a delicious buffet lunch provided by the four parishes and Lesley presented cards, gifts and flowers to Heather from across the benefice.
We wish Heather every happiness in her new position and pray that God will bless her in her new ministry.