This year, Christian Aid will mark 60 years of Christian Aid Week, their annual fundraising week that wouldn’t be possible without the incredible dedication of their supporters. As part of this celebration, they are also celebrating the amazing people who make it happen and are inviting you to nominate a ‘Diamond’ supporter.

Without this continuous support year on year, that unites over 20,000 churches country-wide, Christian Aid wouldn’t be able to provide security and comfort for refugees around the world, advocating for policies that protect them and helping them find a safe place to call home.

Do you know someone who never fails to post those red envelopes through every letterbox in your village every May? Or someone who has raised a staggering amount to help people in need?  Is your local school dedicated to sharing the message of Christian Aid?  Or maybe your Christian Aid group never fails to fundraise for an emergency appeal?

Let Christian Aid know those supporters who you think deserve special recognition.  You can nominate people in the following categories:

  • Unsung heroes – for those who quietly make things happen.
  • Long-term supporters – has your Diamond been supporting Christian Aid for a long time – maybe even 60 years?
  • Event organisers – for those who always organise a bake sale, a Christian Aid Week speaker or a fundraising lunch.
  • Super organisers – for those who are great at planning Christian Aid Week!
  • Brilliant new ideas – for people trying fresh approaches to fundraising during Christian Aid Week.
  • Working together – for Christian Aid groups that keep each other going.
  • Schools – do your Diamonds share Christian Aid’s message in their school?


When you nominate, you will have a maximum of 250 words to write about why their contribution shines. Applications are open until March 17th.

For more information, visit for more information.