There were over 180 ‘Walk Cornwall 2’ team members gathered on the steps of Truro Cathedral for their commissioning on Saturday 28 September.

The blustery autumn gloom and light drizzle failed to dampen the enthusiasm of everyone as they prepared themselves for the second week of the mission which is taking part across the whole of mid-Cornwall.

In his welcome to the many members of the teams visiting Cornwall from other parts of the UK, an upbeat Dean of Truro, Roger Bush, spoke of the anticipation and excitement their presence brought with it.

This mood of optimism was continued as Revd Daniel Cozens, Founding Evangelist of Through Faith Missions, spoke of the power and support offered to the teams by the Holy Spirit if only they have the confidence to accept it. “As long as you have breath in your bodies,” he said. “Speak of Christ risen and bring people to Jesus.”

The Walk Cornwall 2 teams were commissioned jointly by all the local worship leaders present, led by Bishop Chris Goldsmith; and Archdeacon Audrey Elkington bid them on their way with prayer.



The commissioning of teams for the third week of Walk Cornwall 2 will take place on Saturday 5 October at Launceston Methodist Church, commencing at 11am.