A painting telling the story of pilgrimage has been unveiled at All Saints Church in Marazion.

20161007_121131Artist Zoe Cameron from St Martin spent over two years working on the specially commissioned artwork which features one large central image of the vision of St Michael to the fishermen in Mounts Bay and 12 small images telling different stories of life journeys and experiences.

Canon Nigel Marns, Rector at All Saints Church, said: “Our church is part of the St Michael’s Way pilgrimage route and the final stop for many on their pilgrimage.  I think art is very important spiritually and so a discussion began with Zoe. When Zoe first showed me the painting I was so moved by it. I never expected the finished piece to be so large but it fits in so well.”

The painting had to be painted in three parts. Zoe said: “Because of its size, it was a physical challenge. This has been almost three years of work for me. I did a lot of research and then I was told the story of St Michael and I knew that had to be part of it. It really is all about stories of life journeys and experiences and that is what pilgrimage is. I had no idea when I chose to do this work that pilgrimage would be so relevant this year.”

As well as the St Michael’s Way pilgrim walk, there is also a Saints Way route and early next year Bishop Chris will be walking a Cornish pilgrimage which will end at St Michael’s Mount. Canon Nigel is also working on a Cornish Celtic Way programme which will see some of the pilgrim routes in Cornwall come under the same umbrella as the diocese seeks to promote the project further afield.