“Whatever we do, let’s make sure that it points to Jesus,” said Archbishop Justin as his ‘Journey in Prayer’ to Cornwall came to a close.

He was speaking in Truro Cathedral at the end of a day of excitement, innovation and prayer during which he had “met a huge number of people”. At the ‘Closing Call to Mission’, he said that whatever roles we undertake as individuals – spiritual or practical, down-to-earth things – we should bring them all to Jesus.

Archbishop Justin closed with the following blessing: “God bless the City and County and Diocese, and all who live and work here. May he visit you with mercy, surround you with love, and fill your hearts with courage, strength and peace.”

And having reiterated his intention of returning for three days later in the year (15-17 November), he left by the West Door with the sound of the Bishop Cornish CE Primary School ‘Junk Band’ resounding in his ears!

Photos: Paul Richards


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