My parents were not church goers but they did have me Christened and made the conscious decision to always send me to Sunday School. So, from age 5, I attended the Anglo Catholic Church at the end of the road where we lived in Streatham. I remember being afraid of the Vicar but loving the Curate, I can still recite the Apostles Creed and I remember very clearly, learning about the Armour of God. We moved when I was 10 and I then attended the local Brethren church, I know, quite a culture shock! It was there that I decided that all I had heard about Jesus was true. I was 13 and it was August.

I met Frank when I was 16 and married when I was 21. We spent many years attending Brethren churches and then, when the children were little, we became members of a Methodist church with a large children’s work.  We wanted our daughters to have a peer group who attended church. It was not an easy move for us but it was certainly the best thing we could have done for the girls in terms of their own faith journeys.

My own faith journey has been, at times, a rocky one, there have been questions, doubts, dark times and times of pure joy but I would not change any of it. My faith has become stronger and deeper over the years, influenced by many along the way.