‘A team effort’ is how Martin Edwards from Rosevine, near Portscatho, sees his selection for a Cross of St Piran Award from the Bishop of Truro.

Martin was amazed when he heard that he had been selected as one of the 25 people to receive a Cross of St Piran Award from the Bishop of Truro. The annual award ceremony takes place at a service at St Piran’s church, Perranzabuloe on March 13. The awards are given to people from across the Diocese who are nominated by their peers for service to church, parish or wider community.

Martin is delighted to accept the award on behalf of the team of people who have worked tirelessly with the congregation of St Germans’ church and the local community. Together they have forged new relationships in order to establish the St German’s Priory Trust. This has been a ground breaking and innovative project that has already drawn both national praise and local support and will see the Priory Church of St Germans taken over by the St Germans Priory Trust.

Together the team have energised each other and encouraged the discovery of Kingdom-building skills which have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Martin leaves a group of Trustees who are confident, capable and brave. The St German’s Priory Trust is in good hands as under the new Chairmanship of Richard Laugharne it seeks to be in tune with the local and wider church and community needs. Martin said: “As a Trust we will also ensure that through our joint Trust and PCC ‘Liaison Group’ we always remain on top of and manage the issues confronting us.”

Martin’s faith has led him to believe that each person is equally valued by God who longs for us all to know Him personally and to flourish in our discipleship as we use the unique gifts that God has given us. The culture created within the team at St Germans has encouraged this flourishing by enabling people to find and offer their gifts and by celebrating the success of all involved. The result is the building will remain a place of worship and as an asset for mission as well as be used for the benefit of the community. Everything we have done is so that it will stand the test of time and we hope our work today will last for another 800 years.”

Is there life after St Germans for Martin? Well there certainly is, not only will Martin remain as Honorary President of the St Germans Priory Trust he will continue his work in issues related to social justice and transformation combining this with his consultancy work in London’s financial sector and his wider portfolio of business and other interests.