I was born and brought up in Truro in what was a strict Methodist family. My father was also born in Truro.  After qualifying as a Dr, and following war time service overseas, he returned to Truro to work as a GP.  I went to Truro High School where I had to learn the Church of England Catechism. When I finished at Truro High School, l went to Westminster College, Oxford, a Methodist college, to train as a teacher. My main subject was Theology. As a child you tend to believe what your parents believe and you don’t question that belief. When I started studying Theology, one of the first things they did was to tear apart all the preconceived ideas I had, so that I reached a point where I wondered if I believed in anything! I was now a ‘blank canvas’ and had to use my studies to work out for myself what my beliefs were. I studied Theology with the intention of being an RE teacher – not what happened!

After fifteen years away, I returned to Cornwall and continued to worship at the family church – what is now Truro Methodist Church.  Thirty four years ago I married my husband, Martin. He was the organist at St Paul’s Church in Truro. It seemed ridiculous for us to be going to separate churches – after all, we worshipped the same God. So I started to attend St Paul’s Church. I would say that I am an Anglican with a Methodist heart. Over the years I have had to grapple with my faith and find out what God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit really mean to me. Our vicar, Di Willoughby, somehow managed to twist my arm to start doing Reader training last year.