I became a Christian at the age of 14, and as I am only 19 now, my time with the Lord has been both incredibly short and incredibly fulfilling. Growing up in a Church of England school, I feel as though I have always believed in God but my understanding that Christ dying on the cross was because they didn’t like him, not because God loved me so much, he sacrificed his son for me! I started going to church because my mum had become very ill. I had no one to turn to and so I started to pray. She got better! Although I didn’t go to church straight away, I started to ask questions and had a desire to know more. I would often hear of other people’s miraculous faith stories, coming to Christ because of amazing visions they had witnessed. I can’t say that this happened to me. My journey to faith was gradual. I never had that ‘light bulb’ moment when everything just clicked. I just found that as I knew more and more about the Lord, I grew more and more in love with him!

A year or so ago, I found that my time at church was becoming a bit of a struggle. Therefore, my mum and I started going to our local C of E church which I had been baptised in and attended many harvest festivals and Christingles when I was at Primary school.  We knew most people there anyway, but everyone was so friendly and I just felt so comfortable there. For the next few months, I went in between the two churches.

Unfortunately last March, my dear mum passed away. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the feeling of losing someone you love.  All I can say is that through the hurt, anger and confusion, God kept me strong. He kept on loving me throughout everything even when I thought it wasn’t possible. I remember a lady telling me when her husband was very ill, she felt so hopeless, so alone, and so empty. Yet God met her in that time and gave her strength that no one could give. God met me right where I was and gave me a sense of comfort and security.  During this time, I can’t express enough, how much love and support my family and I received from our community, including both church families that my mum and I have been part of. I am so grateful to them all for helping us through that time of grieving.

Throughout the last couple of months, I have found that it has been quite difficult going between two churches. I wasn’t really sure which church I belonged to (It is encouraging to know that in Christ, we are all part of one big church!) However, it is nice to have a church family. It wasn’t until Palm Sunday this year that God brought me the answer! I had an overwhelming sense of joy as I looked around the church knowing that this is where God wanted me to be. Not only did I finally feel as though my prayers had been answered, my vicar then came and asked whether I would like to consider confirmation. Of course I wanted to pray about it first, but I really felt the Lord pointing me in this direction. I was confirmed only a couple of weeks ago now. I am very excited to continue my journey with the Lord, I have so much to learn and discover. I know there’ll be bumps on the way, but if I put my trust in him, all things are possible!